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Important NZQA Literacy and numeracy version update

There have been a number of changes in Classic to ensure that the NZQA standards file is read correctly and that the UE literacy and numeracy totals are calculated correctly. To ensure that all components within Classic are reporting correctly, please ensure that you have updated to version 14.3.99, available from our website Downloads page for Classic.  

In ClassRoom Manager Document Design, the special ‘Literacy and Numeracy’ credits and the value ‘has’ or ‘has not’ achieved displays for the selected NCEA status.  OneScreen, NCEA Format 6 and NZQA Printing Utility >NCEA credit summary were updated in the previous release. Once installed, import the standards file.

MoE June audit 2014

For schools with year 9 and above, see Ministry Returns process, and before the 3 day audit list period, print off audit class lists for completion and signature by classroom teachers during class time. These need to be retained with the copy of the roll return submitted, so that these audit class lists are available when the school is roll audited. The official roll count for June is Thursday 29 May. See our document library for more.

Classic Beta

Version 14.3.78 beta is available. In this build, for secondary and area schools we've added the ability to import historic NCEA results for students who have just transferred to your school.  For primary schools, Jam 2nd edition and GloSS 2nd edition assessments have been added.

Download this functionality now! 

June MoE Returns

The Ministry's next official roll count day for students year 9+ only, is Thursday 29 May.

In Student Manager > MoE Returns > Prepare MoE Data File we'll list any data errors or warnings.  For more on correcting, preparing and submitting your data, see our document library's MoE Returns page for Student Manager. The June return Audit Class List will contain your students in Funding Year Levels 9 and above.

NCEA Submission

A reminder the 1 June data file requires personal details to be accurate - as all candidates requiring NSN cards will be taken from the 1 June submission file to NZQA, for distributing cards in June. We've included information around NCEA data submission in our NZQA Submissions' tipsheet together with other documents including NCEA Analysis. Key dates for NZQA reporting, together with fees, financial assistance and assigning standards are available from the NZQA website. Data file submission including any additional or updated candidate enrolment and entry information can be submitted more than once a month.

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