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Library Manager has the edge!

Library Manager v14.4.10 beta has been released, check out the release notes in our Document Library. 

Classic v14.7 (beta)

Our latest beta, v14.7.35 is now available - see more in the release notes for details. This build includes addressing multiple comments from the comment bank in CM, and CMAdmin changes for Nag2A - download this beta now!

Also see updated NZQA standards file from our Supplementary Files page.

Classic v14.6.21 Full release

MUSAC Classic version 14.6.21 is now available on full release, see our release notes for more. This build accommodates changes for secondary and partitioned schools primarily.

NZQA October standards file

A new NZQA Standards file is available for download from our Supplementary Files page.

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Check your Inbox for newsletters, and for North Island schools - term 4 seminars updating our latest exciting developments including the innovative approach edge brings to tracking and analysing student achievement. See details posted on our Seminars page.

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