MUSAC Student Manager is a Ministry of Education accredited student management system. It is fully customisable to meet the needs of any school, with essential tools for the school office to manage all administrative tasks relating to students.


  • Features
  • Utilities
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  • Security features to protect the data and create different levels of user access
  • Single-point data entry and access through multiple views
  • Built-in document creation, editing and printing
  • Powerful filtering tools for easy cross-referencing of selected individuals and groups
  • Easy transfer of data to Microsoft formats
  • Versatile, time saving features enable simple data exporting, letter and label generation
  • Ministry approved data validation for MoE returns and automatic handling of mandatory printouts
  • Ability to design and customise your own screen and interfaces
  • Finance management, including easy creation of invoice, statements and receipts
  • Predesigned, as well as highly flexible user defined tables, labels and lists
  • Alarm feature to signal “action due” dates
  • Board of Trustee election management
  • Student photo management
  • SMS/LMS interoperability
  • Interacts with MoE ENROL database

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