The Achievement Engine for New Zealand schools

edge is our new cloud-based School Management Solution (SMS). We call edge an achievement engine because it is purpose-built with practical tools to drive student progress and simplify school administration.


We’ve worked closely with New Zealand schools to develop edge as a unique solution that re-captures what SMS should be all about: student progress and achievement.


Putting teachers in the driver’s seat

We know that teachers are the single most important influence on student achievement, so we’ve developed teacher-centric functionality to simplify routine administration, freeing up more time for what really matters – teaching! Plus, edge revs up the achievement-focus, by pushing sharp data straight to teachers’ fingertips.


edge handles like a dream

When you’re driving student achievement, the last thing you want is to have to take your eyes off the road to find a dashboard control. edge is designed with intuitive navigation that makes it easy to find what you need, so you can stay focused on your students’ learning journey.


Cloud-based technology

In the cloud, not even the sky limits where edge can go. We continue to work closely with schools to make valuable enhancements to edge, and the cloud-based platform means edge schools instantly benefit from these enhancements, with no added cost and no software to install.


What’s under the hood?

edge features Network for Learning key design elements, with NCEA Analysis, Timetable, Fees, Reporting to Caregivers, Electronic Attendance, Online Payments, Early Notification, ENROL, Student Management and Caregiver & Student Web Portals already deployed. Our roadmap for 2013 includes further enhancements to edge’s capabilities to deliver what schools need to continue driving student achievement.


Take a tour through MUSAC edge

Current functionality includes:


Student Details

edge Student Details is a Ministry of Education accredited student...


edge Curriculum is a powerful, flexible tool to facilitate recording...


edge Attendance is a vital part of the day to day running of any school, and MUSAC...


edge Staffing collates and manages all aspects of staff scheduling...

edge Web Portals

Opening up the lines of communication between school and home...


edge Timetable suite is a teacher-friendly answer to school timetabling needs...

  • Features
  • Current Functionality
  • Development Timeline
  • Enquire
  • 100% online, hosted by Massey University
  • Automatic updates and backups
  • Remote access for Support guidance
  • Intuitive navigation based on the role of the user
  • Single-source, school-wide data to assess Principal, pupil and staff performance
  • Designed to track, analyse and report on student achievement
  • Transparent, comparative, objective, accurate reporting
  • A system that reports progress and highlights issues
  • Tailored, individual, proactive and easy to understand
  • MUSAC and school notifications
  • Can be used on any internet capable device
  • Core student info, MoE Returns (eRR approved), attendance, some assessment and reporting comments, caregiver portal, student portal, running records, numeracy, comprehensive NCEA functionality
  • Daily teacher attendance entry, graphical click through presentation of attendance rates, alerts and related items
  • Viewing core student data, generic reporting assessments and comments
  • Assessments: All MoE required assessments including NumPa, Gloss, IKAN, Marie Clay, SEA, Star, Running Records, e-asTTle export, PAT and BURT
  • Individual and group analysis of national assessments
  • Daily notices
  • Admin can fully edit student data, add pre-enrols and manage leavers and caregivers
  • Data is validated on entry to ensure integrity
  • A ‘flag’ system displays the completion state of student records, allowing rapid entry of pre-enrollers as well as pre-checking for MoE returns

See how edge has evolved:

March 2012
  • MUSAC launched the new edge online SMS Solution

Q3 2012
  • Achievement engine – analysis, progress and comparative reporting.
  • Adding notes to attendance and assessment
  • Personalised reporting to Caregivers
  • Tracking and monitoring selected Students

Q4 2012
  • Bus Lists
  • eRR 2013
  • Timetabling
  • Fees
  • Emailing/SMS to caregivers

Q1 2013
  • NCEA
  • ENS
  • New Teacher Interface - Primary and Secondary
  • Get Check NSN
  • BoT Elections
  • NCEA Subject Report

Q2 2013
  • ENROL - Arrivers, Leavers
  • Pastoral - PB4L
  • SRT (Student Record Transfer)

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