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Attendance is a vital part of the day-to-day running of any school, and MUSAC Attendance Manager is the perfect digital substitute for the manual classroom register. It allows a variety of input formats and facilitates the gathering of period by period data to create comprehensive, targeted reports.


  • Features
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  • Integration with MUSAC Student Manager, ClassRoom Manager and Timetable Suite
  • Integration with MoE ENS specifications
  • Range of statistical reports and analysis
  • Teacher access (also possible via Web Portal device) for students in their classes
  • Configuration of school terms and holidays
  • Configuration of absence codes and class periods
  • Compatibility with barcode scanners as data entry methods
  • Keyboard shortcuts and mouse access for all functionality to facilitate quick data entry
  • Record notes on individual students for each absence
  • Explanation reminder notices which are editable and use database field merging
  • Full audit trail logging
  • Statistical analysis based on a variety of selectable criteria

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