We know that teaching is for most the key focus of any school, so at MUSAC we are re-imagining the place that a Student Management system fits within your school, and how it interacts with each end user. We understand that you want to spend less time with the administration tasks and more time doing what really counts – grooming the next generation of New Zealanders. We are focused on making the things that you need to do faster, quicker. MUSAC's core value is to bring clear and comprehensive data straight to your fingertips to support the key focus of any school, driving student achievement and success.


Our software has been developed in consultation with senior school managers and educators to enhance the roles of everyone within the school environment and provide the flexibility to access the information you need. MUSAC aims to provide quick and comprehensive real-time data to empower learning, enabling smarter decisions and the ability to measure and drive progress and achievement at every level within a student’s school journey.



MUSAC software provides quick and comprehensive data to monitor and track progress against school targets and visions to empower leadership and measure achievement.


  • Single-source, school-wide data to assess and monitor student progress
  • Simple data to measure against targets and plan for the future
  • Transparent, comparative, objective, accurate reporting


MUSAC focuses on providing teachers with software solutions which allow them to take care of the administration quickly and easily, allowing them to focus on the things that matter – their students.


  • Information to inform and empower confident teaching
  • Tools that self-assess in relation to school and student goals
  • Quick and intuitive data entry and analysis - empowering learning
  • Sharp data to drill into student progress and achievement to identify, extend, challenge and monitor
  • Visual, fast, clear, concise


MUSAC allows students to be active in their own learning, allows them to track their own progress and understand their next steps to achieve their own academic goals.


  • Understand my learning expectations
  • Help me succeed
  • Personalised for me
  • Track to academic information online


MUSAC allows parents to be supportive of their children's learning, by providing real-time information Caregivers can identify how their children are progressing allowing them to be more aware of their children's needs.


  • Plain language understanding of my child's achievement and progress
  • Capability to support my learner
  • Opening the lines of communication between school and home
  • Access to your student’s academic information online
  • A tool that enrolls them into the learning process

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