The Achievement Engine for New Zealand schools

edge Curriculum is a powerful, flexible tool to facilitate recording, reporting and analysing of student-centric learning data. Optimised to ensure efficiency for both Teachers and Administrators, Curriculum can alleviate teacher workload and meet the individual needs of New Zealand schools.

  • Features
  • Reporting
  • Enquire
  • Reporting capability ensuring relevant data for student, class or school, by gender, ethnicity or year level
  • One page student assessment summary
  • Refined tracking and filtering for high level analysis of assessment data
  • Over 25 New Zealand standardised assessments included straight out of the box – including NCEA, PAT, e-asTTle, BURT, Jam, Probe 2, GloSS and STAR
  • Electronic markbooks to store and view data
  • Achievement data flows with student to other edge MUSAC schools
  • Track a student’s progress from year to year, and compare progress with other students by year, group, gender, ethnicity or class
  • The simple import of NZQA results, NSID Numbers, NZQA billing and standards files
  • Management of subjects, options and standards
  • National standards input, analysis and aggregated reporting, including OTJs and their related comments
  • Notation ability providing additional information to capture a moment in time
  • Tables, charts and graphs
  • Create mid and end of year reporting that can be manipulated into booklets when printing
  • Use a variety of predesigned reports

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