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MUSAC Timetable Suite is a teacher-friendly answer to school timetabling needs. This powerful tool is made up of three main components: Timetable Editor, Timetable Assistant and Quickfind.

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Timetable Editor allows:

  • Editing via individual teacher timetables or by viewing all the timetables at once
  • Instant feedback for problems or clashes
  • Flexible data entry with simple copy and paste
  • Accommodation for multi-level and shared classes

Timetable Assistant provides:

  • “What if?” feedback to a possible change in a subject’s timetable placement
  • “Who Else?” for rapid class balancing
  • “Clash Analysis” for statistics indicating problem subjects
  • “Course Combinations” to show all the timetable combinations available for a student

Quickfind features:

  • Secure and simple viewing of MUSAC data
  • One-stop-shop view of all school data held in different MUSAC packages
  • Powerful search and list features
  • Simple and flexible roll printing options

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