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MUSAC ClassRoom Manager is a powerful, flexible tool to facilitate recording, reporting and analysing of student-centric learning data. Optimised to ensure efficiency for both teachers and administrators, ClassRoom Manager can alleviate teacher workload and meet the individual needs of New Zealand schools.


ClassRoom Manager has two components:

  1. ClassRoom Manager Administrator (CMAdmin) for setup and control options, and

  2. ClassRoom Manager Teacher (CMTeacher) for tasks such as entering marks, graphing and report printing.

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ClassRoom Manager Administrator features:

  • Refined tracking for high level analysis of assessment data
  • All New Zealand standardised assessments straight out of the box
    – including NCEA, PAT, e-asTTle and STAR
  • Electronic markbooks to store and manipulate data
  • Importing and exporting data with other MUSAC schools
  • Ability to track a student’s progress from year to year, and compare progress with other students by year, group, gender, ethnicity or class
  • The simple import of NZQA results, NSID numbers, NZQA billing and standards files
  • Filtering, filing and sorting formulae to manipulate data
  • Management of subjects, options and standards
  • National standards input, analysis and aggregated reporting, including OTJs and their related comments

ClassRoom Manager reporting:

  • Design tables, charts and graphs
  • Design various reports and collate report booklets when printing
  • Use a variety of predesigned reports
  • Automatically generate NCEA reports in a variety of formats

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