MUSAC Staff Manager collates and manages all aspects of staff scheduling and information. It is designed to provide generalised management tools as well as school-centric tools such as day relief organisation. Staff Manager is an integrated part of the MUSAC software suite. but is also capable of operating independently of other MUSAC packages.

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  • Automation of the day relief process
  • Quick data entry of qualifications, personal information, contact details and school-based information
  • Full record of responsibilities, including subjects, hours worked and extra-curricular activities
  • Payroll information and part-time hours calculator
  • Entry and retention of professional development history
  • Medical information and staff leave details
  • List of keys and passwords held by staff members
  • Creation and maintenance of duty rosters
  • Recording of staff review/appraisal information and follow-up details
  • Personal timetables
  • Convenient access to OSH records and form generation

Predesigned lists and tables include:

  • Duty rosters, leave summaries, keys, timetables, address labels, faculty lists and relief allocation
  • A magazine style summary of positions and qualifications
  • The ability to create user-defined lists and documents using embedded tables

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