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Available soon - Classic v13.7 beta

Check our release notes for the version 13.7 beta coming soon.


In Absences we're adding the ability to customise period order in the Edit Attendance screen (and Attendance Summary Report);

schools using Txtstream for ENS are able to process names containing an apostrophe;

CMAdmin has a new button for ID Export in Other Utilities;

Pastoral transaction grid can now be printed from Student Manager

  • Area schools will have our pre-configured solution in CMTeacher documents
  • User defined lists in Student Pastoral transaction grid able to be printed
  • CMAdmin new button for ID Export being moved from the MUSAC Interoperability Control Centre; and updated ready for use with PaCT
  • OneScreen will have Caregiver email address and 'house' details available
  • e-asTTle import for Writing (2012 revised) includes Organisation score and level
  • AB6 will have a count of the number of students present before 'filling the rest with P' (present)
  • MUSAC pre-configured solution modified to include Years 11-13 for 2013 columns

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