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Behaviour data can now be entered in edge for Positive Behaviour for Learning where your school chooses to use the PB4L programme; and work has begun on Phase 1 of the reporting for Pastoral in edge.


For schools using Classic, there are additional fields for Action data, and new tabs for PB4L. Check for this and more in Pastoral from release notes for version 13.6.

If you're not currently using PB4L and would like information on the programme, go to 



If you had an emergency, how would you contact your parents?

We all know that a disaster can strike at any time. That's why we have emergency plans in place to make sure everyone at school is safe and accounted for. But how would you contact the parents to reassure them that their child is OK? 


With School-links, you're able to send a message to everyone on your edge database with just the push of a button. Their web remote access allows you to access this through any internet capable device so you can communicate from your evacuation zone or from your home.

Emergency Plan tips
Beckenham Primary School utilises both School-links and MUSAC. Here are a few tips from Principal, Sandy Hastings, which they learnt from the Christchurch earthquakes and other “real events” that you could include in your plans:

•   Every teacher has a high-visibility safety vest with their room number or role on the back so they can be easily identified.
•   Principal and DP each have a response backpack with torch, hard hat, a full list of staff and students with contact numbers, pens and a safety vest with a master key attached to it – in case you forget to take yours.
•   Have an assembly point for parents so you can easily identify and sign out students who are being picked up. Let them know about school procedures in newsletters.
•   Identify fragile and anxious staff and parents. Take them aside and provide them with any support they need or give them time to compose and take a breath.

School-links are currently running a special promotion for edge users. You can get their communications package for only $59 per month and they will waive the setup fee!


For more information, click here or contact Andrew Balfour on 0800 333 480.

Pastoral Changes in Classic, incl what's in v13.6

'Others Involved' field:

From a New Transaction page, when clicking in this new field a box displays with options to select from. Other fields also offer selection lists, defaulting to the settings in Pastoral Configuration.

Under 'View/Enter Pupil's Pastoral Data' are new fields:

Action 2 and Action 3

  • Complete / Not Yet / N/A buttons are available for each action
  • New Transaction page
  • Quick Complete Grid
  • Transaction Grid Search and Sort  -  Action 1 (only) is currently available in this view, and reports


From 'Positive Behaviour for Learning' are two new tabs:

New tabs - By Teacher, By Action;  plus a tick box for 'Split by gender' for all tabs

MoE June Returns

For year 9 and above schools, June returns in either edge or Student Manager are coming up - see our document library for our tipsheet. Roll count day is Friday 31 May.

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