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NZQA Standards File - September 2015

The latest  NZQA standards file for September  is available for MUSAC Classic customers, please download from our supplementary files page. This needs to be unzipped and saved into your CM folder.

From CMAdmin, NZQA Utilities > Manage Achievement Standards > Import/Update Standards, browse to import this file.

This file is automatically updated for you in edge.

EDGE Release plans

This year we have several key releases planned; firstly later in Term 3 we'll release additional tools for Timetabling based on consultation with our existing secondary schools, and John Baumfield (the creator of the Classic Timetable Suite). Specifically these tools will automate the creation of option lines, an editor to adjust these outputs, followed by a second release of a student editor allowing automatic student allocation to classes; and enhanced editing facility.



Empowering New Zealand's Education Industry

With 30 years of expertise in designing, building and implementing cutting-edge business technologies, Greg Twemlow is enthusiastic about his new role as CEO of MUSAC Ltd – Massey University School Administration by Computer – New Zealand’s only cloud-based Student Management System (SMS) covering years 1-13. Developed under Ministry of Education auspices, “MUSAC is a product of 25 years work by educational experts” Twemlow says, and could be the catalyst to make New Zealand's Education industry the most effective in the world.



Classic v15.3.14 Full release

MUSAC Classic version 15.3.14 is on full release, see our release notes for CM details. This build includes achievement changes for primary schools, and for secondary: UE numeracy and school sports updates.

Library stocktake

For library book stocktaking in Library Manager, see the Library Stocktaking tipsheet on our document library page. Schools using edge need to be on the latest beta version of MUSAC Library Manager.

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