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Like to know more for Caregiver Reporting?

It's that time of year again while writing comments for some students is easy, finding creative ways for others can be more challenging. Check out our tipsheets to assist in setting up, preparing for printing, and entering comments for reports to your caregivers.

Term 4 is off to a great start!

With our Product Specialists settled in and on the roads we encourage you to book training in earlier, rather than later, as they are already very busy this Term! Our new Knowledge base, edge answers, has proven very helpful. It contains all our release notes, videos and more, detailing new features and other changes in edge, including advice of the next scheduled deploy. Also new in edge; check out the literacy Writing assessment, the results of which can be entered up to 3 times a year. Learn more about attitude to learning reporting; and graph features in PB4L reporting displaying time of the day where negative behaviour occurred. The NCEA progress table now colour codes where the Literacy and Numeracy credits for Level 1 and UE have been met.

A new Widget that will make the End of Year leavers’ process smoother is now a permanent fixture for your school’s Enrolment Officer. In addition to Get Check NSN, it now includes Arrivers and Leavers. Check the complete Enrolment cycle out at edge answers.

We have wrapped up our conference run for the year and gained really positive feedback along the way. A delegate from Devon Intermediate School wrote in to say; “I spoke to you during this year's ULearn Conference and wanted to reiterate to you how impressed I have been with MUSAC's edge system. The improved functionality and user-friendly interface is great.”

Introducing a new Product Specialist team for North Island Schools

Our vision is to support schools to help raise student achievement, by engaging with schools so we can develop better products – like edge, our new cloud-based School Management System released in March 2012. Developing edge taught us the value of connecting with our customers, and we introduced the role of Account Manager, sharing our excitement about reaching out to New Zealand Schools.

To continue our journey, we created a new team of in-house Product Specialists, who  deliver the training how-to's, issues resolution and product demonstration services formerly provided by Edtech (apart from Financial Manager). Our North Island team from 1 August includes some former Edtech staff, who can be reached via our web site

  • For our edge, Classic and Library products, all North Island training, pre-sales and product demonstrations will be carried out by our own MUSAC Product Specialists
  • For our Financial Manager product, Edtech continues to provide some financial services relating to this product for North Island schools. Note the Support Desk service is provided nationwide by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Available soon - Classic v13.7 beta

Check our release notes for the version 13.7 beta coming soon.


In Absences we're adding the ability to customise period order in the Edit Attendance screen (and Attendance Summary Report);

schools using Txtstream for ENS are able to process names containing an apostrophe;

CMAdmin has a new button for ID Export in Other Utilities;

Pastoral transaction grid can now be printed from Student Manager

  • Area schools will have our pre-configured solution in CMTeacher documents
  • User defined lists in Student Pastoral transaction grid able to be printed
  • CMAdmin new button for ID Export being moved from the MUSAC Interoperability Control Centre; and updated ready for use with PaCT
  • OneScreen will have Caregiver email address and 'house' details available
  • e-asTTle import for Writing (2012 revised) includes Organisation score and level
  • AB6 will have a count of the number of students present before 'filling the rest with P' (present)
  • MUSAC pre-configured solution modified to include Years 11-13 for 2013 columns



Behaviour data can now be entered in edge for Positive Behaviour for Learning where your school chooses to use the PB4L programme; and work has begun on Phase 1 of the reporting for Pastoral in edge.


For schools using Classic, there are additional fields for Action data, and new tabs for PB4L. Check for this and more in Pastoral from release notes for version 13.6.

If you're not currently using PB4L and would like information on the programme, go to 



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