Library Manager combines powerful features with ease of use, making it an ideal electronic management system for libraries, resource rooms or any other catalogue. This comprehensive package allows users to catalogue and monitor the lending of items.

As an extension of Library Manager, WebOPAC enables search access to your library catalogue via a web browser, which can run on a PC, Macintosh or Linux machine via your own intranet or the internet.

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Library Manager allows:

  • Quick incorporation of new acquisitions
  • Full cataloguing with customisable fields
  • Cataloguing of e-books, can link to valid websites for view and potential download of e-books
  • Borrower management
  • Circulation management, including provision for daily circulation
  • Resource kit management
  • Reserves can be made and tracked
  • Stocktaking, including portable barcode scanner support
  • Business or catalogue personalisation through configuration
  • Windows searches, including a web-based search option to support Macs
  • SCIS subject authority support and SCIS MARC record support

Library Manager reporting includes:

  • Overdue slips, lists and letters
  • Analysis of reading habits, search and title popularity
  • Printing of spine labels, barcodes and cards
  • Other custom reporting using a report wizard

WebOPAC Extension features:

  • Catalogue search access via web browser
  • Use with any operating system, including Linux and Macintosh
  • Supports ISBN13 and SCIS MARC services
  • Ability to add book cover images
  • Scanning tool to enable catalogue additions in seconds
  • Z39.50 compatible

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